A 3D remake of Sega's classic Space Harrier, in which you play a jetpack-equipped hero and zoom across a fantasy alien world while dodging and shooting the minions of the evil demon Absymbel.

As added features the game includes new weapons, a textured mode that includes randomly generated terrain as opposed to the simple checkerboard plains of the original, and all new "tunnel" levels that take the action underground. Each of these inclusions can be individually switched off for those that want the original experience, however true purists can also find the original arcade version included in emulated form.

Жанр: Action
Разработчик: 3D Ages
Издательство: SEGA Corporation
Регион: NTSC-J
Идентификатор диска: SLPM-62384
Носитель: CD
Язык интерфейса: Japanese
Мультиплейер: no

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